Friday, July 19, 2013

Pacific Rim promises epic fights between huge robots and giant monsters, but is it your childhood fantasy come true?

When a rift opens in the pacific sea and huge monsters start attacking us, humanity creates robots to defeat them. Succesful at first, the tide seems to be turning when even more bigger monsters surface.

If you're reading this you probably don't care if Pacific Rim has a great cast, witty writing, some superb plottwists and an engaging storyarch that pays of in the end. And you will not find it here. The adequate cast delivers lines like "today we cancel the apocalypse!" well enough and you'll go along with the mindmelting mumbo-jumbo of characters and the obligatory "huge bomb to close portal to other dimension and defeat the enemy" plot device to get what you came for: 

Awesome actionscenes of robots fighting huge monsters.

With the huge budget available it all looks great. Robots look badass, and the monsters are very impressive indeed. But most of the battles seem to take place in the dark and in the rain, making the fightscenes difficult to follow. It's a crutch to even the best choreographed fightscenes, and it doesn't get better once fights take place underwater. While from an action perspective it fairs better than the Transformer series, there's still room for a movie to crack the huge monster/robotfighting code.

Using mediocre acting and cliched plotdevices to bring us the spectacle we were hoping for, Pacific Rim eventually fails to pack the punch to blow you away.

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